Love Is In The Air When You Embark On A Romantic Skydiving Adventure In North America

Are you looking for a unique and exhilarating experience for your honeymoon or romantic vacation? There are some amazing spots right in North America that offer thrilling skydiving and sightseeing adventures for beginners and experienced divers alike. Here are five of the best spots in North America to try skydiving with the person you love. 

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is known as a romantic spot where visitors can enjoy the rush of the water over the falls and time spent together. Honeymooners and other couples looking for a little bit of daytime excitement can sign up for a skydiving trip together with a beautiful view of the falls. 

Experience the thrill of a freefall or strap yourself up to an instructor for a tandem jump. Either way the dive will bring you closer to Niagara’s incredible views and closer to someone you love. 

The Grand Canyon

See the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon in a way most people never do. Enjoy your skydiving experience over red rock formations and amazing scenery as you skydive together in this very unique part of North America. When you have finished your skydiving experience, find a camping spot for some quality time alone to relax after your adventures. 

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

The ocean offers its own kind of romance with gentle waves and rushing tides. Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy is a natural wonder that will spark your imagination and take your senses to new heights when you skydive as a couple. Dive with views of the bay during high tide to see the fifty foot wall of water that flows into the bay every day. Take a hike or a kayaking tour near the bay to see from the land what you have already viewed from the sky. 

Southern California

Treat your love to a coastal skydiving experience in Southern California. The views of the Pacific Ocean and the romantic coastline will take your partner’s breath away and leave you both in awe of the beauty in California’s landscape. 

After your dive find a private spot on the beach for a glass of local wine and time to reflect on your jump. 


For a more urban skydiving adventure, try a dive with an amazing view of the beautiful city of Calgary. You and your partner will see this gorgeous city from every angle. Calgary also offers romantic hotels and fine dining to round out your trip. 

All of these skydiving destinations are wonderful places for couples to spend time building a relationship and celebrating their love for each other and for the beauty of North America. For mor locations, talk to a professional like Skydive Burnaby.

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