Three Tips For Getting A Deck Boat That’s Ideal For Family Water Skiing

In the recreational boat world, a deck boat is a medium-sized type of boat with a flat deck, curved bow, and powerful engine. If you get the right deck boat model for your water skiing desires, you’ll have an easier time both water skiing yourself and teaching your family to use water skiing equipment. Here are three tips to help you get a deck boat that’s ideal for family water skiing.

Make Sure That There’s A Compartment To Store Water Skiing Equipment

Water skis, ropes, and other pieces of equipment are too bulky and valuable to store on a moving boat that doesn’t have a storage compartment. The danger of your equipment either falling off or breaking due to a misplaced foot should not be underestimated.

So make sure that your deck boat includes at least one storage compartment large enough to store water skiing equipment. Since you’ll probably want to take food, sunscreen, and electronics with you on any water skiing journey, it’s also a very good idea to insist on a second compartment.

Don’t Get A Boat That Displaces Too Much Water For Beginner Water Skiers

The more water a boat stirs up in its wake, the harder it is to water ski off of it. While getting a larger boat or a boat with multiple motors probably won’t make a difference to an experienced water skier, the tougher skiing circumstances will make it much harder to teach your family how to use the equipment involved.

Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to be biased toward smaller deck boats that only need to have one motor on them. Though your boating experience won’t be as exciting, you’ll both save money and have a much easier time connecting with your family over sports.

Get A Quality Outboard Motor That Has Little Chance Of Suddenly Breaking Down

Outboard motors are both more reliable and easier to repair than inboard motors. For a small type of boat like a deck boat, there’s no reason to be overly worried about the fuel efficiency gains an inboard motor provides. Additionally, it’s important to minimize the chance of your motor suddenly breaking down and leaving a novice water skier stranded outside your boat.

While water skiing is an often overlooked family activity, the sport is great for both getting an adrenaline rush and learning to be familiar with the water. Whether your family is full of adults or children, if you have the ability to buy both a boat and water skiing equipment, you should consider doing so. Talk to a professional like Captain’s Village Marina to get started.

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