The Three Best Ways To Track Your Weight Loss

If you are in the process of a new fitness program to help you lose weight, then you want to be sure that the program is working properly. Besides, knowing and seeing that you are losing the weight you want to will help you to stick with the program. Beginning to feel unmotivated can only lead to weight gain and even slight depression. This is why you will want to know how you can keep track of your weight loss. Here’s how:

  1. Track Body Fat: Most of the time, people think that just the number on the scale alone is enough to tell them that they are on the right track. However, this is not always the case. Just because your weight may stay the same doesn’t mean that nothing is changing. For example, a body builder may weigh over 200 pounds, but this weight is all muscle and more than likely, their body fat percentage is extremely low compared to someone who weighs 200 pounds and is not a body builder. So if you notice this number change, that means the body fat is turning into muscle, which is a good thing. If you are part of a gym or are working with a personal trainer, then they can help you determine these percentages.
  2. Weigh Yourself in the Morning: One of the reasons that scales aren’t the best way to keep track of your weight loss is because they weigh everything in your body. However, if you still want to know exactly how much you weigh, then you can use the scale so long as you are also keeping body fat percentage in mind. If this is the case, then be sure to weigh yourself in the morning before you eat or drink anything so that the scale isn’t factoring this in. This will give you a more accurate measurement.
  3. Limit Time on the Scale to Once a Month: Another problem with scales is that people tend to get obsessive about the number and forget that it isn’t everything. This is why you should only be getting your body fat measurement every other day and weighing yourself on the scale to only about once a month. This can help keep you much more motivated to stick with the particular fitness program you are involved in.

By ensuring that you know how to keep track of your weight in a more accurate way, you can ensure that you are well on your way to losing weight in a healthy way.

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