Two Pieces Of Survival Equipment You Need

Hollywood has always done a great job of making survivalist entertainment look exciting and adventurous. However, being in a survival situation is anything but fun or adventurous. There are a few items that are always very important when going into the great outdoors, and will make any survival situation easier to deal with.

This article will outline a few items that are absolutely essential for a survival situation:

Covering The Basic Needs

Say that you are on your way to a family camping trip, but a snow storm blows in and you are stranded. In this situation, you would most likely have the things that are needed to survive for a few days. If you were going to be camping it is very possible that you have equipment such as a tent, food, water. These cover the three basic needs of a human being.

Those three basic needs are food, water, and shelter. So in this instance, you would likely have these three basic needs covered. However, there are countless situations that could be thrown at a person that would be considered survival situations.


In any survival situation it is important to be able to start a fire. A really good fire has many benefits when in a survival situation. The first and most obvious benefit is that it provides warmth, but a fire also is very good psychologically. It is very easy to get overwhelmed and literally go crazy in a survival situation, but a fire is a good way to calm down.

In order to start a fire there are a few different things that should be carried on your person or in your vehicle. Matches or a lighter are always great fire starting equipment. It is possible to start a fire with things such as flint and steel, steel wool and a battery, however unless you have practiced with these you might not be able to get a fire started.

A Knife

A knife is also a piece of equipment that you should never leave home without. Obviously there are more ways to end up in a survival situation than a person can talk about, but if ever put in a survival situation a knife is essential. There are multiple uses for a good knife, and it would be extremely difficult to survive in any bad situation without one. The knife can be even as simple as a pocket knife, but it will need to be sharp. A knife is a multi use tool that can help build a fire, build shelter, or even be used as protection.

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